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About Us
Ludshott is an international business advisory service supplying training, coaching and project advice to manufacturers and service companies across EMEA and APAC. It was formed to undertake commercial due diligence on acquitions but has grown to encompass a wide cross section of activities for organisations who are looking to grow their business through the use of IT and  development of partnerships and franchices. By bringing experience from a wide variety of disciplines and industries Ludshott is able to transfer across the best ideas and avoid replicating poor processes and relationships that often occur when working within the closed environment of a company or sector.
Our Consultants come with a diverse range of skills such as HR; Project Management; Marketing; Sales and Engineering from a wide cross section of industries including Banking; Software; Energy; Education and Manufacturing. With experience of being vendors and consumers of these services our consultants are able to provide advice on how to buy but also how to maximise the value from these relationships. This is all built upon decades of practical experience building & supporting organisations from start-ups to multinational corporations.